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Life Coaching

Mountains Meet Lake

Many of us know and have experienced the value of having a coach to help us grow and become better in our physical activities and wellbeing. The same can be true of a life coach who can help us navigate this mapless journey in a whole new way of being our true self and living courageously into our purpose or vision.

Our Approach

Through the use of our E4 transformation model, we are able to awaken and empower people to navigate life by encountering situations with no pretense or judgment. This allows people to explore beliefs that may be hindering them, while opening their eyes to new possibilities. This opens the door for innovative and creative ways to engage and express themselves with greater love, hope, and faith.

Benefits of Life Coaching

Are you ready to live courageously?

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Over the last two years, I have collaborated with Lisa to transform myself from an insecure, "chameleon-type" people-pleaser into a self-assured woman who recognizes and values her strengths, talents, and opinions.  Lisa has helped me to explore and comprehend what God's purpose is for me and how to make choices that align with it.  She has played a crucial role in helping me understand the importance of self-care, setting boundaries, and advocating for myself.  If you are seeking life-changing guidance, Lisa is the key to your success!

Maria R.

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