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About Us

Our Why

We envision courageous people being change agents in their spheres of influence, creating a vibrant, innovative, and generative world. 

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What We Do

We inspire and empower people to live and lead courageously from their true self and purpose within their families, communities, and organizations.

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How We Do It

We offer highly relational and transformative coaching services, retreats, programs, and resources in the following areas:

  • Identity-Who am I? Uncovering our True Self

  • Purpose-Why am I here? 

  • Community-Our connectedness

  • Live Courageously

  • Lead Courageously

  • Practices to Keep Us Grounded

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Our Core Values

We choose Belonging

All are invited to join. This is a place to be known, accepted, and loved.

We choose Freedom

We encourage you to share all of who you are, in cooperation with all of who others are, so that diversity is cherished and thrives.

We choose Love

We humbly and vulnerably walk alongside ourselves and others to encourage a life long practice of love, embracing our true self.

We choose Forgiveness

We choose to live in a posture of releasing others from our judgments and trusting in God.

We choose Play/Risk

We curiously explore and "try on" new ideas and possibilities without judgment.

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Who We Are

We are a collaborative community where inquisitive minds and deep souls convene to share ideas and learn about and from each other and are committed to practicing interdependence. 

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Meet Our Founder

Lisa Dolese McClanahan

Lisa has been coaching people and organizations for over 20 years. She loves to inspire, challenge, and empower people to think and live in new, powerful, and courageous ways. Using a variety of psychological, spiritual, and physical tools and practices Lisa has a unique ability to help people discover their true selves, their purpose and how to live it out.  She has a passion for helping people navigate their current circumstances and concerns by encountering situations with no pretense or judgment. Lisa creates space for people to explore beliefs that may be hindering them, while opening up new possibilities. This opens the door for people to engage and express themselves in new innovative and creative ways and to live with greater love, hope, and trust.

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