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Our Approach

Through the use of our E4 transformation model, we are able to awaken and empower people to navigate life by encountering situations with no pretense or judgment. This allows people to explore beliefs that may be hindering them, while opening their eyes to new possibilities. This opens the door for innovative and creative ways to engage and express themselves with greater love, hope, and faith.

Therapy Closeup



We believe by creating a space for people to pause and evaluate where they truly are is a great starting place. We  help them to fully be in the situation with no pretense or judgment so that true transformation can begin. This requires deep listening and self awareness.



We use questions to help individuals examine their core beliefs, values, and principles. This method is characterized by questions that challenge their “truths” and offer an opportunity to discover larger truths. This phase is characterized by “productive discomfort” as there is real tension between individuals as they question each other and their own framework.

Wild Nature



During this phase we create a space for individuals to discern for themselves what beliefs and values they want to retain and move forward with. This is typically a time of reflection composed of silence, stillness, and/or solitude with opportunities to reflect and choose what their unique path forward will look like.



This is an opportunity for individuals to share how they will choose to live going forward as they return to their communities. The power of declaring our decisions out loud greatly increases the reality of them being fulfilled. We accomplish this by creating a space of support, encouragement, and accountability.

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