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Tree Roots

Practices to Ground Us

In our crazy paced, constantly changing world we may find ourselves feeling isolated, lonely, anxious, overwhelmed, stressed out, depressed, and/or exhausted. Or perhaps you’re not experiencing any of those feelings. Maybe you just know there is “more” to this life than what you're experiencing, or maybe you’re looking for deeper, more meaningful ways of connecting with God, yourself, and others. At Greater Grounds we love introducing and sharing a wide variety of contemplative practices that help you stay rooted and grounded in your true self and God, through connection, communion, and awareness.

Contemplative Practices

As you can see there are a wide variety of practices that can help us grow in our awareness, communion, and connection. We encourage you to explore and try multiple practices based on the season you may find yourself in and how you are uniquely crafted. Below you'll find the practices that we specialize in and offer workshops and retreats around.

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