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Spiritual Direction & Companioning

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Spiritual direction is the process of sharing one's sacred stories with a trained, compassionate listener. It can be helpful to anyone thirsty for a connection with the Divine.  Direction and companioning supports those of any or no faith base who are seeking spiritual growth, healing, or a deeper connection with God and others. It is a time-honored practice of compassionate, non-judgmental listening to another in a safe setting where what is shared is held with reverence and confidentiality.  

A spiritual director listens intently, patiently, and confidentially as you share your sacred stories. Your spiritual director journeys with you as you navigate through life's complexities and transitions, and can be a trusted guide as you discover your inner wisdom. Spiritual directors and companions do not offer counseling, advice, or problem solving. Rather, they accompany you as you explore your own spiritual path and empower you to identify patterns and practices that no longer serve you. In addition they help you to explore new practices that may be helpful to you.

We also offer group spiritual companioning circles where these same principles are applied in a group setting. This allows a greater diversity of stories, perspectives, listening, questioning, and reflection often leading to greater individual and group insight and healing.

When might you seek out a spiritual director?

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  • When desiring a guide on the way

  • When finding yourself in the wilderness

  • When heading out on a path of growth

  • When seeking God in the complexity of life

  • When needing wisdom from within and without

  • When making decisions on life direction

  • When needing discernment in decision making

  • When experiencing a season of deconstruction

  • When desiring new language or experience of God

Frequently Asked Questions

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