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The Life You're Searching For is Within You

Are you ready to discover a new way of courageously being?

About Us

At Greater Grounds we're committed to you, your vision, and helping you to live and lead courageously.


We recognize that all of us are born with a seed of selfhood that contains the spiritual, emotional, and physical DNA of our uniqueness-an encoded birthright knowledge of who we are, why we are here, and how we are connected to others. We may have lost that knowledge along our journey, but it has never lost us.  We're passionate about helping you regain that knowledge through a wide variety of coaching services, spiritual direction & companioning, retreats, programs, and resources.

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We Specialize In Coaching, Retreats, Programs, & Resources in the following areas

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Who am I?

Uncovering Your True Self

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Why am I here?

Discovering Your Why


Living and Leading Courageously

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 Practices to Keep us Grounded

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