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Opening a Gift

Identity-Uncovering Your True Self

You are not what you do.

You are not what you possess.

You are not what others think or believe about you.

These things are fading and passing,

constantly changing.

Your true self is that part of you that is eternal and unchanging.

It is divine breath moving through you.

Your true self exists beneath societal influences, external expectations,

and your superficial personas.

We want to help uncover and draw up your true self so that you can live in greater levels of self-discovery, authenticity, freedom and autonomy. 


Top of the mountain


Using the Enneagram to Uncover Your True Self

Join us in a 3 day retreat where we will identify our False Self, practice letting it go, uncover our True Self, and develop a practice for staying grounded in our True Self as we return to our families and communities.

Live Courageously! Circle

Join a small circle of individuals committed to practicing living courageously as we discuss topics on identity, purpose, and living them out in our families and communities. We believe by creating a space where people are free to encounter, explore, engage, and express their true selves and new ideas that real and lasting transformation can occur. We've found this best occurs in small groups, which we call circles. Our circles are limited to 12 people to encourage authenticity and vulnerability.

Support Group
Psychologist Session

Enneagram Coaching

We love partnering with individuals in one-to-one coaching sessions exclusively using the Enneagram as launching pad for uncovering your true self. Please see our Life Coaching page for all the details.


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